Video, collab Balenciaga, 2020

Sky Server
Generative animations, 2019/2020

Meta Room
Video loop, collab Balenciaga, 2019

Strange Days
Cover image, collab Know V.A, 2019

Generation Loss
Image scroll, 2018

The Gateway To Fashion
Short film, collab Schueller De Waal, 2018

Computer Brain
Four-part video series, 2018

Video loop, 2018

Hell Monster
Website (Offline), 2017

Stone Eye
Wide video, 2017

Bump of Knowledge
Video, 2017

Behind The Curtain
Quad channel video, 2016

Fountain Of Youth
Dual channel video, 2016

Image, 2016

Image, 2016

Watery Eye
Video, 2016

The Garden Of My Soul II
Vertical video, Part II, 2015

The Garden Of My Soul I
Vertical video, Part I, 2015

Presentation photos
2016 - 2018